Jim Perkins-

 Exceptional Acoustic Music



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Musical programs

This is a short list of themed shows Jim often presents.  If you have an

idea or request for a show with a different slant, please ask. 


1. Songs and Stories for Children of all Ages    Lively songs, funny songs, songs about Magic Wands, Lolly Pop Trees, Spooky old Bogs, and folk tales about Giants and Leprechauns and other cool stuff, and of course, lots of sing along action!

 2.  Seniorfolk     A lively interactive romp down memory lane. This show is designed to please an elderly audience, and at the same time be very entertaining to folks of any age.     Jazz standards such as “Sit Right Down and Write Myself a  Letter”,  “Sweet Georgia Brown”, “As Time Goes By”,  Country songs like “Sixteen Tons”, “Hey Good Lookin”, Songs by the likes of Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash.  Early Rock and Roll like “Shake Rattle and Roll” and “Johnny B. Good”  along with Folk classics old and new, such as “Goodnight Irene”.  A sprinkling of Irish wit, Lots of entertaining patter,  “Irish Eyes”, “Danny Boy,”  “Swing on a Star”, and tons of sing along content, usually wrapping up with 100% participation on “God Bless America”.

3.  Songs from the Heart    Jim has a head full of songs all clamoring to get out.  When not led by a theme in a certain direction, he will share with his audience a hefty handful of his favorites... Funny songs, happy songs, sad, introspective ballads, and of course, lots of witty banter and sing along moments.  One can never tell what  tunes Jim might choose to share, but he favors songs by Willie Nelson, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Tom Paxton, and Pete Seeger, Intertwined with some of his own creations, and a few classic folk gems originating anywhere from Ireland to Appalachia.


4. Songs and Stories of the Irish Tradition   Join Jim on a musical journey, exploring the rich heritage of Irish songs and folklore.  Ballads both sweet and lively, sing along classics, snippets of poetry, storytelling and bits of history are all intertwined in a magically enchanting performance. A few songs are best sung acappella, in the old traditional style, while most others are backed up on guitar, penny whistle, and on occasion even the ribs of an Irish cow.  (The cow is deceased).


5. Finvarra’s Wren       Sometimes one musician is just not enough.  For a special show, please consider the Irish Trad. Band Finvarra’s Wren.  Jim is joined by his wife Cheryl on bodhran (Irish hand drum), mountain dulcimer and vocals,  His daughter Alison on fiddle, and his son Asher of the button accordion.  This highly acclaimed group has toured extensively, playing festivals and concert venues all over the country and beyond.  www.FinvarrasWren.com